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Novosti News

26.9.2019. 11:01

The Museum's Role

 and Relevance

Our founders probably did not envision that the world we live

 in today would be so plagued by hate, antisemitism, and 

various forms of Holocaust denial as well as continued

 genocidal threats. 

They did envision the timeless importance and relevance 

of the Holocaust as an event to be memorialized with dignity,

 researched with rigor, and taught with care so that we can

 accurately remember the past and responsibly learn from it.

 That vision animates the Museum’s work today and every day.

Dalje čitajte o Muzeju:

Forty years ago in the Report of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel, the Museum’s founding chairman, stated that the Holocaust “was a unique crime in the annals of history,” and he went on to describe the importance of its lessons for the future, asserting that the Museum should present the particularity of the Holocaust as well as its contemporary significance:

 “The universal implications of the Holocaust challenge Western civilization and modern, scientific culture. What threatened one people in the past could recur to threaten another people or, indeed, all humanity.”