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22.11.2018. 22:45
ICJW International Council of Jewish women
Prenosimo poruku  Penelope   Conway  predsjednice ICJW, čiji smo član, u časopisu  "ICJW Newsletter",  koji će se od sada distribuirati  samo "online"- preko interneta,  na tri jezika engleskom, ruskom i španjolskom. 

U ovom broju nas predsjednica obavještava o članicama koje su postale "Life members", koje su umrle, o novim  zemljama članicama ICJW (Grčka i Uganda) kao i o aktivnostima u koje je  uključena ICJW.

November 2018 | Cheshvan 5779
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Dear Friends

Welcome to ICJW’s 2018 newsletter. This is the first edition to be distributed online only, in an effort to reduce costs. --- We hope that you will still be able to share it via email with  friends and members of your affiliate, and you are free to print  copies to distribute if you wish.  We will continue to produce this annual newsletter in English, Spanish and Russian and I am very grateful for the input of our translators.

These have been a difficult few months for ICJW, as we have lost three long-standing and noteworthy Life Members: June
Jacobs CBE, a Past President of ICJW; Sylvia Gelman AM MBE, a Past President of NCJW Australia; and Addrianne Sherman. 

I am delighted to introduce you to four new Life Members in this Newsletter.   I am also pleased to present our two new Affiliates in Greece and Uganda. 

Reading newspapers or watching the news at the moment can seem scary. Everything seems to focus on extremism, natural disasters, war and inequality. However, these are all areas where ICJW and its affiliates are actively involved at either the local or the international level, and through our connections with other United Nations NGOs. 

So, unlike the news, this newsletter focuses on how we at ICJW are playing our part in helping to make this a better world.

With all good wishes,

Penelope Conway