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29.4.2017. 22:13
antisemitizam 2016

P renosimo osnovne METODE  istraživanja o antisemitizmu u 2016.godini  koje provodi Kantor centar u Izraelu.

Worldwide Tendencies and Developments in Antisemitism, 2016
The report is based on the ongoing Kantor Center for the study of Contemporary European 
Jewry and the Moshe Kantor  Database team's work, and on the various reports and data sent  to us by contact persons in about 40 countries – a network we established during more than  20 years of activity....

The data and numbers presented herein on violent antisemitic cases are the result of a specific monitoring and analysis system developed by the Kantor Center team, using specific criteria:

proven antisemitic motivation; 
counting a multi-event as one case; 
no exaggeration or diminishing the severity of the situation. 

We are aware of the necessity to exercise proportion: antisemitism cannot be separated from the general picture. 

In the U.K. for instance, tens of thousands incidences of hate speech and hate crime cases were monitored, as compared to a few hundred against the Jewish community: the extremist anti-minorities groups target all those considered by them as
"outsiders", not each of them separately, a phenomenon termed by researchers as "Groupbased Hostility"

Therefore there is no understanding of antisemitism without a solid background knowledge of the political, economic and social developments in any given country and in the international arena.