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31.1.2012. 3:38
Holocaust survivors thanks to Claims conference

Holocaust survivors in Croatia thanks to the Claims conference. 

Socialization programs for Nazi victims has been supported by a grant from the Claims Conference.

In the big auditorium , in the building of Jewish community Zagreb,  Holocaust survivors, who just return from the wonderfull winter gathering in  "Opatija 2012" meet with the representative of the Claims conference Charles Rose and representative from JOINT Robert Djerassi.

One Film  about   the gathering  in Opatija has been projected,  but the final version will be finished soon and ditributed

Everybody who participated in the gathering, even those who only hear about, express their thanks to the organizators and suporters. They are  avare that without the "Cafe Evrope socialization fund" and support  of JOINT for many activities,their old years will be different .

They also thanks to dr. Melita Švob, who  organized gathering in Opatija ( sixt time)